Gato Island – Cave

This L shape cave is really great. The Cave, or more accurately, “The Tunnel”. Journey underneath Gato Island and come out the other side! This 30m tunnel houses all the usual cave dwellers: many types of crab big and small, lobsters and cardinal fish. You should also encounter some large puffer fish and perhaps bamboo and cat sharks. Once in, just go to the surface and watch the bats! Then go back to the bottom and continue to the NW. There is a nice lightening window on the right (good for photographers). Turn left and you should see the exit.

Most of exciting of all, the cave is home to whitetip sharks! You may see them hiding in a corner as you pass by inches from their face, or see their silhouette as they circle near the exit in the midst of a huge school of smaller fish. If you are careful and move slowly, they will swim straight by your face. The sight is Malapascua Gato Cavesimply breathtaking. Not for the faint of heart. For experienced divers only.

At the exit of the cave are some overhangs and swim throughs were even inexperienced divers can get up close to the baby whitetips sleeping under the rocks.